Igos Ltd. has many years experience in developing special products for the bakery and dairy industry.

The products are often developed in close cooperation with the customer to secure the right qualities of the end product.

We are pleased to participate in development projects. Based on our competence and knowledge within marmalades, fruit fillings, and syrups, we are able to advise our customer in the best possible ways. .

In our laboratory and bakery we are constantly developing in new products, fulfilling the needs of our customers and the market trends.

Often the recipes are complicated, and a uniform quality is the key to secure the customers trust in relation to their own products.


The products are supplied in hygienic packages adjusted to the handling and logistics of the individual customer.

Through a flexible production and planning we aim to adapt to the needs of the customers when it comes to quantities, time and other factors, which are necessary for the customer.


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